Winter Window Tinting: Here’s a Way to Stay Warm & Keep Costs Down

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October 9, 2018
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Winter Window Tinting: Here’s a Way to Stay Warm & Keep Costs Down

Heating and cooling costs often amount to a third of a home’s energy consumption. This is reported from the United States Department of Energy. Basically what this means, is that a lot of homeowners are trying to find a way to cut costs in this area. Hence, a lot of homeowners have now begun winter window tinting. Not only does it add style to your home, but it provides insulation and keeps the cost of heat down.

Can You Tint in the Winter?

Absolutely. This used to be a valid question since the curing of the tint took a much longer time. But now, with advanced technology, window tinting in the winter is definitely plausible.

What Should You Tint?

In an effort to remain economically conscious, you might not want to tint every window in your house. To make the most out of window tinting in the winter, you want to focus on the east and westward facing windows. In this way, heat retention is increased and your home will be able to become just a bit more toasty.

Winter Window Tinting at St. Louis Window Tinting

Winters can be brutal. Let us get you started on some winter window tinting.

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