Window Films: An Incredible Home Improvement You’ve Never Considered

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November 22, 2019
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January 14, 2020
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Window Films: An Incredible Home Improvement You’ve Never Considered

Window films are an incredible home improvement, but they don’t get talked about much. Most of us go home to get a break from the world. It’s a place we can relax and not worry about work, school, or anything outside the home. But if your windows are too see-through, anyone outside can watch from the outside. Even better, these films can also protect against home invasion. If you want to certify privacy, security, and style in your home, read more to find out about window films.

Protect against outside forces

You can use our tints for more than your windows. If you’re looking for privacy in the shower or anywhere else in the home, we can provide a tint that suits your needs.

Another benefit of window tints: you’ll also be protecting you and your family from the weather. We know St. Louis weather can be wild and unpredictable. Our window tints provide safety by employing heavy-duty polyester.

Our LLumar safety films actually protect against home invasion. How is that possible? Well, the glass that makes up the window is held together by the polyester-coated film. But you wouldn’t know it by looking at them. They’re clear and look just like any other window.

Not only will these tints protect from outsiders gazing in, but they’ll also add a bit of style to your home. There are so many choices, from eye-catching graphic patterns to realistic textures that blend in, there’s something for every home and level of expression.

Make the best choice for your home

Window films are an underrated, incredible improvement for your home. You have the decision to completely block out light, diffuse it, or keep a nice view of the outside. Keep yourself and your family safe throughout the year, no matter the situation. Check out our variety of window tints, or use our window film simulator to preview what they’ll look like.

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