Sun Control – Residential

Sun Control Film – The Ultimate Defense Against Heat & UV Rays

Ultraviolet rays, or UV rays, can be harmful to your family and your belongings – even indoors. LLumar residential window films and sun control window films from St. Louis Window Tinting reject UV radiation while retaining the ability to reflect the desired amount of visible light (or none at all).

UV radiation is the primary cause of the fading of furniture and carpet. LLumar solar control films filter out up to 99.9% of these harmful UV-A and UV-B rays to preserve the color of fabrics, carpets and hardwood floors as well as the artwork and fine furniture in your home.

But your interior décor isn’t the only thing in your home that can be damaged by the sun’s UV rays. Untreated windows allow UV radiation to pass through, causing potential damage to your eyes and skin, which can lead to skin cancer. LLumar sun control window film is recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation as part of a healthy skin regimen and can protect your family throughout the day.

Enhanced heat and glare protection

In addition to fading, the sun can also send your energy costs skyrocketing out of control. UV rays lead to hotspots throughout your home, which leaves your family uncomfortable and makes your air conditioning work harder than it has to. Once LLumar sun control film is installed, most homeowners report cost savings of 15%, even during the hottest St. Louis summer months.

LLumar residential window film also blocks 87% of irritating glare from the sun, so you and your family can watch TV, work on your computer, and play on your smartphones without squinting or shifting positions, no matter the hour.

Leave out the UV rays, let in the light and views

The beauty of using sun control window film for protection against heat and UV rays is that you don’t have to sacrifice natural light in your home. Our residential window films are available in a variety of shades, including transparent, allowing plenty of sunlight to enter your home while still filtering out damaging UV rays. Plus, all LLumar solar control window tinting is back by a manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty for greater peace of mind.

Don’t wait until summer is here to book your window tint estimate – contact St. Louis Window Tinting now for a free quote and to start enjoying the benefits of sun control film today!