Sun Control – Commercial

Sun Control Film – The Ultimate Defense Against Heat & UV Rays

The sun’s rays are one of the biggest threats to your company’s energy costs here in St. Louis. Untreated windows without sun control film let in the natural light your tenants and employees want, but they also let in UV radiation that can causes hot spots and inconsistent temperatures. In turn, you air conditioning has to work harder, causing your cooling costs to rise.

LLumar solar control window films from St. Louis Window Tinting reject up to 99.9% of UV radiation while retaining the ability to reflect the desired amount of visible light (or none at all). This can translate into huge savings when solar control film is applied to your entire building, as window tint can also keep heat in during the colder times of the year.

In fact, sun control window films reduce cooling costs so much that St. Louis business owners have reported energy savings of 15% immediately and a return on their investment in less than three years! Plus, LLumar commercial window films are LEED-certified, meaning your business may be eligible for possible tax deductions.

Protection against fading and glare

UV radiation is the primary cause of the fading of furniture, carpet, hardwood, artwork, and equipment, costing St. Louis businesses thousands in repair and replacement costs. LLumar sun control film blocks UV rays to prevent fading, discoloration and damage so your décor looks newer, longer. It’s also ideal for protecting products in your large window displays.

In addition, solar control window film blocks 87% of irritating glare. Your employees and tenants can work on their computers or their smartphones without squinting, which makes them more productive during the work day.

As a dealer and installer of LLumar commercial window tint, we offer several different types of sun control window films for businesses, including films designed to provide privacy during the daytime and easier viewing at night. To get a free solar control film estimate for your business, contact St. Louis Window Tinting today.