Safety Film – Commercial

Safety & Security Film Prevents Storm Damage & Break-In

Here in St. Louis, the weather can shift at any time. Be ready for the damaging effects of storms, hail, tornadoes, and earthquakes with LLumar safety & security film for businesses available through St. Louis Window Tinting.

Our safety window films are made of a clear, heavy-duty polyester compound that offers a virtually-invisible protective barrier. In the event of a natural disaster – or even an accident, gunshot or blast – the commercial window tint holds broken glass in place. Your tenants, employees and customers are protected against deadly shards of flying glass that often accompany a disaster.

Safety film is ideal for schools, apartment complexes, retail stores, and any commercial or government that can use an extra level of protection.

Helping reduce the threat of theft

Across the country and in St. Louis, smash-and-grab break-ins are a growing problem. Thieves enter through a business’s windows and take whatever they can get, costing the company thousands in lost and damaged merchandise, not to mention expensive facility repairs.

LLumar safety films offer industry-leading, transparent defense against forced entry at an affordable cost. Our durable window tint is incredibly difficult to break through – even with a hammer or a crowbar. And if thieves can’t break in right away, they’ll move on to avoid being detected. LLumar even offers an anti-graffiti film option that allows damage to be simply pulled away and removed if your windows are ever tagged or spray-painted.

St. Louis Window Tinting safety & security films deliver greater performance over standard polyester films in impact events while maintaining a high level of optical clarity. Safety film is available as a clear window film or may be combined with LLumar sun control films for optimal UV, heat and glare protection.

Protect your investment, your building and your employees against whatever threats are outside with LLumar safety & security film for businesses. Contact St. Louis Window Tinting to learn about your safety window tint options and to get your free, no-obligation estimate.