Roller Shades

A personalized experience in window shades

Roller Shades add a lot in its minimal look. With different opacities for different levels of darkness, these 100-plus solar screens are UV efficient and made just for you. We think your style and your comfort matter. That’s why being able to custom-fit any of these shades is important. With over 120 different fabric and color options, there really isn’t a style that we can’t complement. Whether you love the simplicity of off-white or prefer the drama of ruby, our selection will please any homeowner.

The future is now with control options for your roller shades

There are five great control options that can be applied to your shades. Go cordless, keep the wand, choose between two different remote options, or keep things simple with a clutch. Every option gives you the power to decide how much sun enters your home—not the other way around.  

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