Make a Statement With Your Windows

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August 22, 2017
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January 31, 2018
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Make a Statement With Your Windows

If you’re someone that’s all about aesthetics, then we’re sure your home has gone through a number of changes in order to spice up its look. Many homeowners opt to switch up their feng shui by swapping out their old furniture for a new set, adding trendy decor, the list goes on. But what about your windows? Have you considered doing something different with your windows?

Decorative window films are a great and affordable investment for creating gorgeous privacy screens, partitions and architectural statements within your home. Decorative films give off the look of frosted or etched glass without the hefty price tag. At St. Louis Window Tinting, we provide an amazing service that specifically caters to this adding this style and privacy to your home. Our iLLusions decorative window films can be applied to showers, interior windows, glass furnishings and even glass cabinets. Decorative films are ideal for modern homes that may have a lot of glass windows, as this film provides a frosty effect, ensuring that outsiders aren’t able to see what’s inside your home.

We offer over 50 decorative window films, from elegant frosts to distinctive specialties! For a free quote, visit the “Get a Quote” section via our website.

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