Insulate Your Windows for Winter — Make the Extra Effort

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September 30, 2019
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Insulate Your Windows for Winter — Make the Extra Effort

The colder months are well on their way. The rain and the gloom have already loomed in, making St. Louis a colder destination. This means that it’s time to stay inside and attempt to stay warm without spending all your money by cranking up the thermostat. Instead, there are other ways to insulate your windows for winter. With just a little investment and effort, you can keep the cold out by securing and covering your windows.

Insulate Your Windows and Keep the Cold Out

Depending on your budget and overall preference, there are various ways to keep the warmth inside your home. As an affordable investment, window film is a great way to treat your windows no matter the season. They’ll save you money in the long run and keep your windows from letting warm air out or cold air in.

If you need a quick fix, you can find rubber weather stripping at a hardware store. These strips can quickly be applied alongside your windows to close any gaps. The strips can also be cut to fit your windows perfectly and applied easily.

Shades can also be a fix. Our roller shades offer privacy as well as warmth. When you shop for a set online, you can get them as customized as you’d like. They will fit all your windows and let in as much light as you’d like without letting the cold air seep in. Pair these with some heavy curtains and you’ll be able to keep in all the warm temperatures without having to blast the heater.

Lastly, you can also get a window draft snake. This fabric tube is placed on a window sill or under a door to keep cold air out. If you have an older home, this is a recommended piece. If there are gaps between the windows or the doors, this is a quick fix until you can get those evened out.

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