1What is window film?
Windows can open up the interior of a home and let light in, but with the sunlight can come heat and harmful UV rays that can fade your carpet and furniture. Our LLumar window films are thin, transparent films applied to windows and are designed to allow less UV radiation in, reduce or change the direction of light, or even prevent entry through the window in the case of a burglary or storm. Read more about our residential or commercial films!
2Will my window films bubble up?
Whereas poorly manufactured or applied window films may bubble in as little as a year’s time, St. Louis Window Tinting’s expert application, LLumar’s top-of-the-line window films, and our warranties are designed to combat it. Read more about our residential or commercial films!
3Will window films make my home or business dark?
All LLumar sun control window films are made to be transparent and optically clear. The ultraviolet protection is built into the adhesive system to provide longevity to the film as well as provide UV protection for your home and office furnishings. St. Louis Window Tinting offers several different types of solar control films designed to not affect the appearance of your windows.
4How long will my window film last?
Our residential and commercial window films are made to last for many years. In fact, most applications last well beyond the warranty length.
5How do I clean my window films?
Thirty days after installation, you may clean your new window films. Films can be cleaned using standard household methods, such as Windex, ammonia-based products or a soft cloth. You should avoid any abrasive products that could scratch the film.
6What causes the fading of my furniture and flooring?
The sun’s radiation is the main cause behind fading of furniture and fabrics. UV, visible and infrared radiation make up the sun’s energy. UV radiation is primarily responsible for roughly half of the damage to fabrics and furniture. Protecting against UV radiation with commercial or residential window film can prevent a large portion of fading damage, without dimming visible light.
7What types of windows do you work on?
St. Louis Window Tinting specializes in both residential window tinting and commercial window tinting and can apply film to windows of any size.
8What films do you use on windows?
St. Louis Window Tinting is a licensed dealer of LLumar residential and commercial window films. LLumar window tint is designed to reject solar heat, reduce fading, and add a valuable layer of protection. Contact us to find how how St Louis Window Tinting can improve your home, or to request a free quote.