Don’t Let UV Rays Ruin Your Furniture

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January 31, 2018
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May 3, 2018
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Don’t Let UV Rays Ruin Your Furniture

The Spring season is almost here! With spring comes moderately warm weather (depending on where you live). With the Summer season tagging right behind Spring, the UV rays will be at an ultimate high. Many of us are familiar with the notion of protecting your skin against UV rays, but your home can suffer as well. Did you know that ultraviolet rays, or UV rays, can be harmful to your family and your belongings – even indoors? Yes, unfortunately it’s true.


UV radiation can fade your furniture or carpet over time due to the UV radiation. Windows that don’t have some sort of sun control film on them allow UV radiation to pass through, which can cause damage to your eyes and skin, which can possibly lead to skin cancer.


A great solution to invading UV rays entering your home is to invest in residential window tinting. Our sun control film offers the beauty of using sun control window film for protection against heat and UV rays is that you don’t have to sacrifice natural light in your home while still protecting yourself and your furniture. By opting for tinting, you can reduce energy costs by up to 15%. Investing in window tinting your home also maintains temperatures within the home from one room to the other due to the superior solar control.


For more information and the benefits of residential window tinting, contact us and request a free quote!

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