Decorative Film is Adding a Personal Touch to Your Home

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November 29, 2018
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January 16, 2019
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Decorative Film is Adding a Personal Touch to Your Home

At a time when home developers are building only seven different floor plans, personality is a sought-after goal. Being able to add a unique touch is what creating a home is about. Take for instance interior designers. When they are hired out to create your home’s style, they are adding pieces of you. In this way, decorative film for your windows can do the same thing. iLLusions decorative film allows you to add style to your windows and home. As an added bonus, it also adds privacy.

Different Styles for Different Tastes

We know that not everyone has the same style. Therefore, we have some options for you.

For the super creative folks, we offer bold hues and varying opacities so that you can create your own eye-catching combination.

If you’re searching for more privacy, the elegant frost option is best. It diffuses light without compromising brightness.

We also provide modern gradients for a fresh look. Our graphic patterns are available as well. These range in different patterns from pinstripes to polka dots with various levels of transparency.

If you’re looking for something more realistic, we have textures that can refract light and simulate sparkle.

Let us add some style to your home. Contact us today!

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