Anti-Graffiti Film

Easily Remove Damage with Anti-Graffiti Film & Window Tint

Damage caused by vandals can cost your business thousands of dollars in repair fees, especially if you have to replace your tagged windows. However, with anti-graffiti film you can put a stop to damage before it even occurs.

St. Louis Window Tinting offers LLumar anti-graffiti film for businesses, which helps defend glass surfaces from different types of graffiti and vandalism, including scratches, acid-etching, gouges, markers, and paint. When applied to a surface, anti-graffiti window film becomes an invisible barrier that protects the original glass underneath. If damage occurs, the window film can be easily pulled off by St. Louis Window Tinting, taking the graffiti along with it. Clean-up is pain-free and cost-effective! In fact, no one will ever know the damage occurred.

LLumar anti-graffiti film is perfect for any glass fixture that is accessible to the public, such as street-level windows and doors as well as stainless steel and polycarbonate surfaces. In fact, it’s optically clear, distortion free and virtually invisible, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

Anti-graffiti film can be easily installed by St. Louis Window Tinting on:

  • Elevators
  • Escalators
  • Bathroom mirrors
  • Glass countertops
  • Windows
  • Glass shielding graphic ads or other information

In addition to stopping damage from vandals, commercial anti-graffiti window film blocks up to 99.9% of UV rays, stops 87% of glare and helps control solar gain in your facility to increase your tenant’s comfort and lower your energy costs. It’s really a win-win all around!

Why waste time and money replacing tagged windows? Win the fight against graffiti before it even begins! Let the experts at St. Louis Window Tinting, a LLumar commercial window film dealer, connect you to an anti-graffiti film that can protect your business for years to come – contact us today for your free estimate.