Avoid Home Invasion and Property Damages with Window Tint

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July 29, 2019
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Avoid Home Invasion and Property Damages with Window Tint

The thought of a stranger being in your house is a scary one. It’s an invasion of privacy and an attack on your property that no one deserves to experience. Making sure that a burglar doesn’t creep inside is a precaution that we all take. That could mean setting up a security alarm. But, it could also mean getting safety film for your windows. Maybe you haven’t thought of your windows before, but safety film can help with a break-in. Avoid home invasion damages with window film that will stop glass from shattering everywhere.

Avoid Home Invasion — Or Be Prepared

Can we fully avoid a home invasion? Maybe not. But, we can take precautions. In 2016, home burglary decreased by 3% from 2015. Larger cities in the same year saw a decrease of 5%. With alarms, and signs warning about the alarms, homes have been broken into less. Unfortunately, there are still over 300,000 homes that get broken into every year. There are small things to do in preparation for this. For instance, getting safety film for your windows is a small, but worthy, defense against a burglar. Windows are your weakest point of entry. They are easy to shatter, making it a larger port of entry. When you’ve got safety film, it makes it extremely harder to breakthrough. If it does get broken into, glass fragments stay together, avoiding more injury later. Even with a hammer or other weapon, the glass is less likely to break, leaving the burglar outside for longer and more likely to get caught. This is a great prevention against crime in your home.

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